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“Peter/Wendy” offers a fresh, more chilling child’s story

US Theater director Eric Severson learned about Peter/Wendy through Maggie Vliestra (‘16) who was in a summer program production of it at Northwestern and her director was friends with the playwright. “The playwright came and talked to them, and she told me one of the big notes that the playwright gave to the cast was to “remember to talk to your audience like they are adults. This is not a kids show, per se. The story is something we all remember from our childhood but remember to treat your audience like the intelligent adults they are” and that has really stuck with me.”
February 17, 2018
The Peter/Wendy script came to US theater director Eric Severson through alumnae Maggie Vlietstra ('16) who was in a summer production of it at Northwestern.

Peter/Wendy earns starred performance at state

Peter/Wendy earns starred performance at state
February 9, 2018
Judges rave over Peter/Wendy performance.
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