The Rubicon

History of Thought (Ep. 8): The Ethics of Surveillance

History of Thought is a weekly podcast series.

Max Soll, Eric Bottern, and Frank Tsiouvaras

January 30, 2020

Seniors Max Soll, Eric Bottern, and Frank Tsiouvaras explore surveillance culture and its ramifications.

Senior speeches begin today: here’s the first speaker’s story

Senior Sydney Therien holds the final copy of her senior speech.

Lara Cayci, RubicOnline

September 13, 2019

Senior Sydney Therien explains her senior speech writing process.

Conforming to a status quo

CONNECTION. Seniors Henry Hallaway and Claire Hallaway converse with junior Max Soll and senior Zachary Tipler.

Chloe Morse, Managing Editor

October 29, 2018

Humans inherently want to fit in with a group and be liked—it’s basic instinct. How does it impact our lives?

[PHOTO GALLERY] Boys tennis competes at individual sections on home courts

Senior Duke Nguyen returns his opponents serve.

Ellie Nowakowski

May 23, 2018

Players from the boys varsity tennis team compete in both the singles and doubles section semi-finals on their home courts.