The Rubicon

What’s your philosophy? Cultural influences shape identity

The April Print Issue Cover Story is all about YOU

Eva Perez-Greene, Editor-in-Chief

April 29, 2015

Students share modern influences from television, books, and movies.

New class designed to give women a place in history

Upper School History Teacher Nan Dreher teaches her senior spring elective, Women of History in the World on Jan. 29.  “There are a lot of voices that don’t get heard in history...[this course] is a start,” senior Mattie Daub said.

Noor Qureishy, Student Life Editor

February 18, 2015

A new spring History elective, History of Women in the World expands on an under-recognized demographic in World History.

Students notice how fall changes work

Junior Catherine Johnson helps fit a customer in hockey gear during her  shift at Total Hockey where she works helping hockey players find what they need for ice. “During the fall, all of the new products come in and they’re the most popular,” Johnson said.

Breandan Gibbons, Staff Writer

October 28, 2014

The crispness in the air, the changing the leaves, and the transition into the school year, all signify change. For students who are employed this change is very apparent, as schedules change, and new products fly onto the racks. Twelve percent of SPA students are employed. Many work throughout the year...

Class Retreats facilitate transition

From left: seniors Ann Hill, Josh Johnson, Dylan White, Emun Solomon, Lowell Naas, and Bryant Carlson write notes during their retreat on April 2. “ A large part of the purpose is to... acknowledge where you’ve come from, and acknowledge where you’re going,”  SCLC advisor Eric Severson said.

Eva Perez-Greene, InDepth Editor

May 1, 2014

As seniors prepare to depart on Senior Project and juniors plan to rise to privileges, retreats help guide them on the path to their next step. Plans for junior retreat are underway and as the much anticipated tradition approaches, juniors, who’ve heard a wide variety of stories from their older...

Tutorial fails to facilitate collaboration

With strict rules about talking and making noise in the library, many students spend time in the Dining Hall and other spaces to relax and work with friends during tutorial. “My understanding
was that tutorial was made to be a time where students could collaborate with each other, but this is not happening because we are too loud in the library and in turn have
nowhere to go,” junior Haris Hussain said.

Zeeshawn Abid, Staff Writer

March 24, 2014

It’s only 35 minutes of the day, but students at St. Paul Academy and Summit School witnessed a major change in their schedules. Students have been gifted 35 minutes of time every day, four days a week, to work with other students and meet with teachers. This time is called tutorial. Originally...

Denim, eighties, and Toms shoes infiltrate fall fashion trends on campus

Toms shoes are quick to put on and popular this fall.

Boraan Abdulkarim, Cover Story Editor

September 10, 2013

Fall means beautiful colored leaves, fresh apple cider, and, of course, the start of a new fashion season. The overarching theme? Throwback. “I’m seeing a lot of eighties,” freshman Shelby Tietel said. This fall’s trends include beaded tops and, statement sweaters, over the knee boots, fringe p...