The Rubicon

Senior Speech Illustrations: Week 20

February 12, 2017
View the illustrations of lines from the senior speeches given on Friday, Feb. 10.

Preparations underway for the arrival of French exchange students

Senior Matt Suzuki messages his French exchange student on Facebook.
January 10, 2017
SPA students prepare for the arrival of their French exchange students, who arrive on Jan. 27.

Small numbers allow teams to form close relationships

Freshman Riley Tietel takes aim at a clay pigeon during trap practice.
November 4, 2016
Fencer Emilia Topp-Johnson, swimmer Matt Suzuki, and Riley Tietel of the Trap Team reflect on the dynamics of their small teams.

Students react to Adele’s new album “25”

Students react to Adele's new album
December 4, 2015
In response to Adele's new tear jerking album 25, “It makes me get emotional and think about the high school relationship that I don’t have,” freshman Kenzie Geise said.

All in (the water): TROJAN Swim Team Mindset

Sophomore Karsten Runquist does the butterfly stroke at the Jan. 24 meet at Humboldt. “... we all got into the locker room and start screaming as loud as we could to get pumped up,” freshman Matt Suzuki said.
March 25, 2014

Having a population of only four in the Upper School community, little is known about the rare specimen: the Trojan swim team. Before, they blended into the other species of students, but now they are...

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