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Superstition provides comfort for athletes

Junior Sydney Therien winks every time she serves in volleyball as a special good luck charm.
March 25, 2019
Three SPA athletes tell all about their charms and superstitions that they rely on each game.

Q&A with spartan of the month Kenzie Giese

Geise stands in net during the quarterfinal round of the 2019 state tournament at the Xcel Energy Center.
March 12, 2019
On Mar. 8 senior Kenzie Giese was announced as Spartan of the Month and shares what her experience was like ending her season with SPU on top of her nomination.

Winter sport leaders voice their hopes for the season

Winter sport leaders voice their hopes for the season
December 27, 2018
Winter sports are just starting and each team leader is ready for the long season ahead.

Student-teacher relationships enrich student experience

Director of Computer Science and Engineering Kate Lockwood teaching a student how to use the 3D printer.
May 14, 2018
Students and teachers explain why having a strong relationship with the other makes learning better.

Drake Arena 50th Anniversary

December 10, 2017
Drake Arena's 50th Anniversary leads junior Kenzie Giese and sophomore Will Rathmanner to contemplate what the arena means to them.

PHOTO GALLERY: Great Outdoors Day brings out hunters, campers, and animals

Juniors Dylan Rosso and Riley Tietel dress for hunting ducks
October 5, 2017
Great Outdoors day allowed students to dress up based on their definition of what is outdoorsy.

Students react to Adele’s new album “25”

Students react to Adele's new album
December 4, 2015
In response to Adele's new tear jerking album 25, “It makes me get emotional and think about the high school relationship that I don’t have,” freshman Kenzie Geise said.
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