The Rubicon

Student Movie Night invites imagination and creativity

Students sit in the Huss Center auditorium to watch short films. “Even if [Superzeroes] is kind of a mediocre movie, I like being on the radar,” senior Calla Saunders said.

Boraan Abdulkarim, Editor-in-Chief

May 1, 2016

The two films submitted for Student Movie Night include "SuperZeroes" directed by senior Calla Saunders and "Blooper Reel" directed by senior Karsten Runquist. Saunders won this year's SPASMA award.

Snapchat filters happiness

Senior Karsten Runquist uses the Thanksgiving turkey filter. Snapchat recently added face filters.

Gitanjali Raman, Online Managing Editor

December 8, 2015

Snapchat added two new features: trophies and filters.

Short films serve as creative outlets, exploratory forms

Junior Karsten Ruquist shoots his short movie Separation, which tells the story of two tragically separated rubber fish lovers, and is one of three short film projects he's finished so far this year.

Eva Perez-Greene, Editor-in-Chief

December 25, 2014

Junior Karsten Runquist expresses himself through a short filmmaking project.

Students have electrifying time at Bakken Museum

Junior Karsten Runquist experiments with electricity at the Bakken Museum.

Nina Zietlow, Feature Editor

November 5, 2014

While other students filed into their classrooms and prepared for a regular school day, St. Paul Academy and Summit school students in British Literature II filed onto a bus for another kind of learning, an electrified kind. The classes who recently finished reading Mary Shelley's Frankenstein spent most o...

Winter Sports Preview: Boy’s Swimming and Diving looks forward to season with good spirits

Sophomores Karsten Ruinquist and Sam Matenaer are excited for this season, “we have a small team that is pretty young, but we still have pretty strong swimmers. We have a new coach this year and we’re excited to be able to work with her,

John Wilhelm and Thomas Toghramadjian

November 22, 2013

Coming off of a successful season, the SPA-Highland cooperative boys swimming team has set a high bar for this year. Three swimmers, including SPA sophomores Karsten Runquist and Sam Matenaer, qualified for the state competition. Runquist and Matenaer advanced to the section semifinals, and the team...

Students escape to cozy cabins for fun and relaxation after school lets out

Students escape to cozy cabins for fun and relaxation after school lets out

Ava Gallagher, Chief Visual Editor

May 31, 2013

As the dread of finals slowly but surely encroaches on high school students, escape becomes an understandable necessity. In addition to the stress of finals, extra-curricular activities, homework, college planning and managing social lives make relaxing insufficient at times. A common method of escape f...