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Online activism enables new generation to take action

Sophomore Hannah Stanley uses social media for activism.

Noor Qureishy, In Depth Editor

May 7, 2015

Students use social media as a tool for activism. While it comes with its own set of benefits and detriments, is has still become a force to be reckoned with in recent years.

Nostalgia brings back bittersweet memories of days of yore

Nostalgia brings back bittersweet memories of days of yore

Amodhya Samarakoon, Health Editor

May 5, 2015

Stories and the psychology behind nostalgia.

Day of Silence seeks to combat sexual discrimination

Day of Silence seeks to combat sexual discrimination

Gitanjali Raman, Feature Editor

May 2, 2014

On National Day of Silence, light is shed on the LGBTQPIA community and the emotions which people who are bullied for their sexual orientation feel. “Day of Silence is about recognizing differences, being accepting towards others, and showing how uncomfortable it is when [bullied people] do not...

Boys Varsity Football looks back on pregame rituals after a successful season

Football captain senior Sam Carlson poses in front of the boys locker room.

Eva Perez-Greene, InDepth Editor

November 6, 2013

Students at St. Paul Academy and Summit School tend to focus on the real, exhausting, action-packed games which the Boys Varsity football team plays routinely in the fall. However, there’s another world outside of the playing field for football players: a world which goes unnoticed by students. Thi...

Gallery: Boys Varsity Football faces Providence Academy in final home game

Junior running back Louie Bogolub races past a Providence Academy player.

Lucy Li, Online Editor in Chief and Print Managing Editor

October 12, 2013

The Boys Varsity Football team had their final home game, which supported the Coaches vs. Cancer program, on Oct. 11. The game was also Senior Night, so seniors and their families were honored during halftime. The team lost 0-42. For more photos, check out the full gallery on the Rubicon's Facebook page...