The Rubicon

Students will explore identity at Diversity Leadership Conference

Seniors Jared Mosher, Ellis Evans, and Emma Chang prepare for the Student Diversity Leadership Conference. “The honesty you see from people—it’s just amazing! Kids just break down and tell their deepest darkest secrets,” Mosher said.

Eva Perez-Greene, In-Depth Editor

November 27, 2013

Senior Jared Mosher stands at the board and illustrates his point in preparation for the Student Diversity Leadership Conference. It’s good practice for Mosher, who will do this again for new conference attendees. A metaphorical mosaic is this year’s SDLC theme and the St. Paul Academy and Summit...

Senior boys drop the beat

Senior Jared Mosher poses as he prepares to drop a beat. Mosher enjoys splitting off whatever comes to his mind around friends. “I like freestyling around new people and getting their opinions,” Mosher said.

Ava Gallagher, Chief Visual Editor

October 23, 2013

On the bus ride to the Class of 2014’s junior retreat, multiple students in the back of the bus revealed some hidden talents. One of these students was senior Sam Carlson, who looks back on the experience of sharing his talent at the junior retreat quite fondly. “When I am in front of people I...