The Rubicon

As concussion awareness rises, new practice assists students

Marlee Baron, Staff Writer

November 3, 2014

She walks into school with a headache that hasn’t gone away since the hit at last night’s game. He can’t concentrate during class because of the bright lights and loud noises. She couldn’t sleep last night and he can’t remember anything from his English reading. Could they have concussions?...

Purple ribbons display support for suicide prevention

Juniors Justin Jallen and David Nicholson proudly display their purple ribbons in support of World Suicide Prevention Day. Many Upper School students and faculty have decided to wear the ribbons, which were created and dispersed by GSA.

Netta Kaplan, Managing Editor

September 10, 2014

Purple ribbons seem to be everywhere: pinned to clothing and backpacks, tied around wrists and ponytails. Distributed by the Gender & Sexuality Acceptance student group for World Suicide Prevention Day, an overwhelming number of Upper School students and faculty have chosen to wear the ribbons to...

Junior Jackie Olson dives during practice

Junior Jackie Olson dives during practice

Netta Kaplan, Copy Editor

September 12, 2013

Junior Diving captain Jackie Olson practices for a meet. Read the story and see photos by clicking here.