The Rubicon

Athletes struggle with shrinking the school

Students gather in Huss at 3:oopm after their last class of the day.

Simon Assefa, Staff Writer

November 6, 2019

Shrinking the school is a safety measure, but for athletes it may cause some problems.

Offer in-depth technology courses for teachers, too

SmartBoards like these are common around the Schilling Center and soon will be added to many new classrooms.

Kelby Wittenberg, RubicOnline Editor

November 10, 2018

In order to streamline class and enhance learning experiences, teachers should have the option to take courses that teach them now to use new technologies effectively.

SPA Thinks: Math vs. Science

“I think science is more important at this time in history because of how vital it is to saving the environment,” junior Clark Waltz said.

Martha Sanchez, RubicOnline Editor

October 25, 2018

The addition of the Hugh K. Schilling Center has sparked debate within students: which is better, math or science?

[ARTIST PROFILE] Jaeger employs 3D printing prowess

Senior Tom Jaeger's 3D-printed chess set.

Jasper Green, The Rubicon Editor

October 9, 2018

Senior Tom Jaeger shares his experience with designing 3D models.

SPA Views: Students find favorite spaces

Emma Sampson, RubicOnline Editor

October 5, 2018

With new and innovative parts of the school to explore, students have found themselves sprawled out across it.

Distinguished Alumnae Ruth Huss honored

Alumni and alumnae gathered for the celebratory event of honoring Ruth Huss.

Lynn Reynolds, RubicOnline Editor

October 4, 2018

Alumni Ruth Huss was honored at a dinner on Oct. 3 while being granted the Distinguished Alumni award for her generous contribution to the Huss Center for Performing Arts.

The Schilling Center walls are a blank canvas

The blank walls of Schilling would be an excellent location to showcase art

Rylan Hefner, Interactive Storytelling Team

September 21, 2018

The majority of the school is filled with art, club notice boards, and other student media, which give the spaces personality, and we now have the privilege to give Schilling some personality  as well.