The Rubicon

Senior Helen Derechin quietly uses her phone during a free period. “I like that it gives us access to communication with other people, especially if we need to contact our parents for some reason or to arrange after school plans,” she said.

Students respond to cell phone policy

Lucy Li, Online Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor February 27, 2014

A quick glance of the senior lounge, library, or benches reveals phones in hands and on chairs, their dark or lighted up screens out in the open. Students may now use their phones during free periods as...

Cheating undermines long-term learning

Gita Raman, Feature Editor December 23, 2013

The word “cheating” is associated with images of answer keys, clandestine signals, or students looking over each other’s shoulders. However, cheating takes many different forms--some less obvious...

Senior Class Leadership Council member Emma Chang puts up a senior's baby picture on the wall of the senior lounge. “The reason why we have the baby pictures is to show yourself from when you are really little, and once you give your speech, it shows the change,” Chang said.

Senior baby pictures collect on walls of senior lounge

Hannah Johnson, Editor in Chief October 22, 2013

Among the Midnight Red posters and graffiti art on the walls of the senior lounge sits a growing number of adorable baby pictures. Seniors gawk at all of the silly faces and adorable outfits. Many try...

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