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It’s a pandemic; don’t worry about grades

Everyone seems to be handling the challenges of this pandemic differently. And that’s okay.

Colin Will, Opinions Editor

May 27, 2020

Everyone seems to be handling the challenges of this pandemic differently. And that’s okay.

Finals canceled during distance learning

Dean Anderson announced April 25 that end of the semester exams are canceled.

Lucia Granja, RubicOnline

May 1, 2020

SPA will not hold final exams for the second semester. Information about grading and exams for the rest of the school year, was released by Dean Anderson through an email on April 25.

A pass/fail grading system would be beneficial during quarantine

The changes that we see are impacting everyone in ways that we could not have foreseen; adding the stress of needing to achieve high marks on top of that is unfair.

Will Schavee, RubicOnline

April 15, 2020

There is no reason to add extra stress by imposing the possibility of going down one letter grade if students are going to be putting in the time anyways.

Consider letting summer just be summer

Consider letting summer just be summer

Sharee Roman, RubicOnline Editor

May 16, 2018

Although involvement in summer camps can be enriching and feed passions, taking the summer away from academics can be a healthy break.

Narrative comments summarize first semester, frame second semester goals

Sophomore Jack Johnston reads his teacher comments while sitting on the sophomore benches. “It helps me set goals for how to get better during the second semester,” Johnston said.

Emily Thissen, Sports Editor

January 14, 2015

Besides receiving the classic report card, St. Paul Academy and Summit School students also get the opportunity to read detailed feedback from teachers with their thoughts looking back on the first semester. Each teacher writes a paragraph highlighting successes and things to work on, specific to each...

Finish this sentence: Sharing grades with peers…should only be discussed between friends

Grade sharing should only be encouraged when everyone is comfortable with it, in a smaller group of students who know each other’s standards well.

Emily Thissen, Sports Editor

December 10, 2014

The classic “Wait, what did you get?” seems to be the only question on students’ minds as tests and grade sheets are handed back. Students yell out their scores in response, without being conscious of who is around them. This creates an awkward situation for students who have a different perspective...

Finish this sentence: Sharing grades with peers…should be anonymous

Finish this sentence: Sharing grades with peers...should be anonymous

Diane Huang, Online Chief Visual Editor

December 10, 2014

Competition is extremely beneficial for students to mutually improve. Of course, to create this competitive environment and establish ranks, students would need to share grades. A great way to combat the negative effects of personal grade sharing, would be for teachers to post anonymous lists of recent...

Finish this sentence: Sharing grades with peers…creates stress and strains academic improvement

WHEN Two Students share their grades  with each other, one student will often walk away feeling less intelligent , the other with a false sense of superiority.

Mari Knudson, In-Depth Editor

December 10, 2014

Picture this: instead of students’ grades in class being private, each student was ranked on a list in the classroom in order of highest to lowest grade. Most students would be appalled if this system was enforced at St. Paul Academy and Summit School. Why then, if this is so frightening, are SPA students...

Finish this sentence: Sharing grades with peers…motivates competitive students to improve

Grade sharing creates  a healthy competition that balances all students’ grades at very high levels more consistently.

Javier Whitaker-Castaneda, Cover Story Editor

December 10, 2014

Sharing grades is vital to the process of creating the most balanced, motivated academic community possible. If every student knows where they stand relative to their classmates, then all the grades will even out and the student body will achieve good grades more consistently. Without grade sharing,...