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Students maintain community in a variety of ways

Students maintain community in a variety of ways

Ivy Raya, RubicOnline

May 20, 2020

Throughout each grade level, student leaders are putting time and effort into maintaining the SPA community.

With Hope there will be a prom

Hope will offer a drive-thru breakfast prom for registered attendees on May 22.

Lizzie Kristal, The Rubicon

May 20, 2020

With proms canceled across the city, Hope Breakfast Bar offers a drive-in alternative May 22.

True crime: a fascination with psychology

Not everyone can stomach true crime stories, but Therien offers her thoughts. “It’s just so fun, in a weird, grotesque way, to hear about how people are messed up,” Therien said.

Melissa Nie, Director of RubicOnline

February 3, 2020

Serial killers, chilling acts, scams, and unsolved mysteries—what makes these things so interesting?

[10 QUESTIONS] Tilney Kaemmer grows into herself through dance

Tilney Kaemmer has tried many different styles of dance, such as ballet and tap:

Will Schavee, RubicOnline

December 7, 2019

Junior Gracie Tilne-Kaemmer has been dancing for years, fueling her love for theater even more.

Drinking coffee: helpful or harmful?

Gracie Tilney-Kaemmer thinking about coffee.

Tana Ososki, Opinions Editor

October 31, 2019

With crazy and work-filled lives, some students stay awake and continue moving with coffee in their system. But how much should they really have?

PHOTO STORY: Pep Fest highlights Spartan spirit

Junior Luka Shaker-Check yells into the microphone after he and his partner, junior Liam Lynch, won the ping-pong championship.

Liv Larsen, RubicOnline

October 2, 2019

The annual homecoming Pep Fest happened on Friday, Sept. 27. Various activities included grade versus grade relay races, ping-pong finals, dodgeball finals, and team captain challenges. 

[ARTS BRIEF] Cast announced for fall play

[ARTS BRIEF] Cast announced for fall play

Arts Brief

September 23, 2019

Seniors Ananya Narayan, Annika Findlay, and Tina Wilkens, and junior Gracie Tilney-Kaemmer will play "The Madwomen"

Auditions generate excitement for fall play

Upper School students listen to US Fine Arts teacher Eric Severson as he explains the agenda of auditions.

Annika Rock, RubicOnline

September 21, 2019

Auditions for "The Madwoman of Chaillot" were held this past Thursday and Friday in the Driscoll commons.

Speaker Day educates students about ethics in science

Alumnus Sam McVeety gives a talk about digital redlining.

Melissa Nie, RubicOnline Editor

April 24, 2019

Students learned about issues from digital redlining to the debate over including pregnant women in scientific research during Speaker Day.