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[THE GK PODCAST] Ep. 10: The Other Side of Theater with Sara Herman

Gavin Kimmel and Grace Krasny April 26, 2021
Join Grace and Gavin in their conversation with beloved SPA set designer Sara Herman as they discuss what it's like to work with and create the technical aspects of a production.

[THE GK PODCAST] Ep. 9: Creating Theater during a Pandemic with Gabby Dominique

Gavin Kimmel and Grace Krasny April 12, 2021
In this super special exclusive episode, Gavin and Grace sit down with local artist and fellow G-initialed Gabby Dominique to discuss her trajectory in the arts, life as both a creator and a performer, and where she sees a future for change within the Twin Cities theater scene.

[THE GK PODCAST] Ep. 8: Role Call

Gavin Kimmel and Grace Krasny March 29, 2021
Grace and Gavin play one of their favorite games:'s "Role Call."

[THE GK PODCAST] Ep. 7: Freaky Friday

Gavin Kimmel and Grace Krasny March 1, 2021
In this video vlog episode, Grace and Gavin swap clothes for three days, exploring new styles and discussing the relationship between gender and fashion.

[THE GK PODCAST] Ep. 6: The Ratatousical

Gavin Kimmel and Grace Krasny January 25, 2021
In their first episode of 2021, Grace and Gavin talk about West End celebrities, Ratatouille the Musical, and answer questions from their adoring fans.

[THE GK PODCAST] Ep. 5: Ranking Celebrities with G and/or K Initials

Gavin Kimmel and Grace Krasny December 28, 2020
In this video episode, Grace and Gavin celebrate the end of the semester by tier list ranking individuals with G and/or K initials.

[THE GK PODCAST] Ep. 4: Golden Age Musicals with Rylan Hefner

Gavin Kimmel and Grace Krasny November 30, 2020
Rylan Hefner joins Grace and Gavin in this episode to discuss classic musicals and how they are received in a more contemporary era of musical theater.

[THE GK PODCAST] Ep. 3: Theater in COVID Times with JJ Gisselquist

Gavin Kimmel and Grace Krasny October 26, 2020
SPA alumn JJ Gisselquist joins Gavin and Grace in this episode as they talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the theater world, both present and future.
US Theater Director Eric Severson posted the cast list for Dylan Thomas' Under Milkwood, a show that will challenge the 33 actors cast as they take on multiple roles in a show with 67 characters.

Under Milkwood cast announced

Arts Brief October 8, 2020
The show includes a number of omniscient narrators, challenging the cast to embody multiple characters throughout the production.

[THE GK PODCAST] Ep. 1: Grace’s Neighbor Vacuums His Car

Gavin Kimmel and Grace Krasny September 28, 2020
Welcome to Musical Monday on The GK Podcast! In our first episode, Grace and Gavin discuss the Dear Evan Hansen movie, tokenism and race-specific casting on Broadway, and "gender-swapping" musicals... all while a murder is taking place. TW: racism, mental illness, and suicide.
The Winter One Acts captivate with the hilarious but strange

The Winter One Acts captivate with the hilarious but strange

Sam Hanson, RubicOnline Editor February 1, 2019
The Upper School Winter One Acts were everything and more, with student-directed and fantastically peculiar performances.
A short history of transgender rights in Minnesota

New bathrooms progress towards gender inclusion

Maren Ostrem , The Rubicon Editor November 20, 2018
The new Gender Diversity Guidelines manifest in single stall, gender-inclusive bathrooms.
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