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[STAFF EDITORIAL] It’s not always partisan

RubicOnline Staff September 23, 2020
Activism on the internet blurs the line between social and political issues.
Many protesters have been showing their adversity towards the quarantine, but does this bring more harm than good?

Protests at the governor’s residence: free speech or civil disobedience?

Martha Sanchez and Sam Hanson May 4, 2020

Flickr Creative Commons image can be found at Lorie Shaull.

Trump tweeted,

Trump’s response worsened the COVID-19 outbreak

Lucia Granja, RubicOnline April 22, 2020
The administration has been working against the virus, but Trump’s actions have cost U.S. lives.
What no one knows about the 2020 Census

What no one knows about the 2020 Census

Will Schavee, RubicOnline February 28, 2020
The census could never identify everyone, but counting gives the government the information necessary to make decisions ranging from federal funding to drawing congressional district lines.
The lack of attention (on all levels) to Israel’s current situation is worrying.

What matters in Israel matters here, too

Noa Ní Aoláin Gross, Staff Writer February 4, 2020
There has been little to no mention about Israel’s current political crises by major U.S. news outlets or political conversations at school. 
The majority of the bushfires are located around the coast of Australia.

Australia battles making decisions about bushfires

Will Schavee, RubicOnline January 21, 2020
Australian bushfires led to anger towards the government since indigenous people had a plan in place for fires before colonization.
Immy Lucas began the low-waste movement as a way to educate others on how to be more environmentally friendly. She shares tips on how to reduce your waste, especially plastic waste, and become more connected to the environment.

4 ways youth can fight climate change besides protesting

Elizabeth Trevathan, RubicOnline December 14, 2019
There's more to do besides protesting to improve the environment. Here are four things that teenagers can do.

U.S. will officially withdraw from Paris Climate Agreement

Elizabeth Trevathan, RubicOnline November 13, 2019
President Trump officially began the year-long process of removing the United States from the agreement on Nov. 4.
SPA students whon walked our hold their signs at the Capitol and wait for the rally to begin.

Students march to Capitol

Marlee Baron, Managing Editor April 23, 2018

“Protect students, not guns” “We are enraged” “Thoughts and prayers are not bulletproof.” These are just some of the messages that were plastered on signs in the Huss Center on Apr. 20 as students...

Column: Lack of cooperation between Democrats and Republicans leads to government shutdown

Column: Lack of cooperation between Democrats and Republicans leads to government shutdown

Nick Cohen, Columnist September 30, 2013

If the United States House of Representatives and the Senate do not reach an agreement on how to properly fund government programs for the following year by Monday, Sept. 30, the federal government will...

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