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Update to dress code bans baseball caps

Update to dress code bans baseball caps

News in Brief

January 8, 2019

The new dress code policy takes effect second semester.

Noah Raaum

May 24, 2017

St. Paul Academy and Summit School requires school uniforms throughout lower school, but should it be continued in middle and upper school? The school uniform has been a controversial topic for decades, but many tend to overlook the abundance of benefits from a uniform. Although some students may lose...

Two Sides, One Issue: Should students wear uniforms in the middle and upper school?

Two Sides, One Issue: Should students wear uniforms in the middle and upper school?

May 24, 2017

Two opinions on whether SPA should institute an uniform policy in the upper school.

Finalized dress code published in 2015-16 student planner

From left to right: sophomores Ashley Jallen and Sophia Rose, and seniors Lexi Hilton and Sabrina Brown model the new dress code.

Clare Tipler, Sports Editor

September 11, 2015

The new dress code has been published in the Student Planner.

Dress code conversations are ongoing

Upper school council  MEMBERS pictured (L to R) Lukas Kelsey-Friedemann, Breandon Gibbons, Shaan Bijwadia, Jack Labovitz, Raffi Toghramadjian, Thomas Toghramadjian, Diane Huang, Numi Katz, Claire Walsh, Moira McCarthy, Neerja Thakkar, and Jordan Moradian facilatate a discussion on the future revisions to the dress code with a panel of student body members.“I don’t think that anyone has taken a good, serious look at [the dress code] in I don’t know how long,” US Principal Chris Hughes said.

Mari Knudson, In Depth Editor

September 30, 2014

Some high schools require students to wear uniforms while others let students dress as they choose. St. Paul Academy and Summit School Lower School students fall on the uniform end of that spectrum, while the Middle School and Upper School policies allow more freedom in clothing choice. Upper School...

Upper School Council works to revise dress code

Sophomores Hana Martinez and Barbara Bathke discuss the dress code during free time at school.

Emily Thissen, Sports Editor

September 11, 2014

The Upper School Council (USC) looks at important issues. This year they are focusing on one of the issues students care about most: the dress code. In the past, there have been issues with subjective language in the dress code itself which has caused controversy. The USC is taking action and redefining the...

Dress code revision conversations resume

Upper School Council discusses dress code revisions at their meeting during Tutorial on May 16.  “We are tentatively taking out offensive language and subjective rules,”  former USC Secretary Cait Gibbons said.

Emily Thissen, Sports Editor

May 28, 2014

Dress code is a commonly debated subject amongst high school students. At St. Paul Academy and Summit School, it is no different. From someone being asked to change, to confusion about what the actual dress code means, there is always chatter about these policies in particular. During the recent Upper...

Students for Social Justice hope to change school dress code

 Students for Social Justice members lead a discussion about the dress code, led by presidents sophomores Alena Porter and Claire Walsh (standing on left). “We are working with [the Upper School Council] and a group of other [students] to change the dress code,” Porter said.

Katrina Hilton, Sports Editor

April 3, 2014

In March, Students for Social Justice discussed the current SPA dress code. Members of the group feel that some of the wording of the dress code is not fairly or appropriately enforced. The group is also discussing the wording of the current code, which includes ambiguous words like “modesty.” The...

Dress code policy revision impacts girls more

Although Dean of Students Judy Cummins said that the new dress code policy is designed to address “How we present ourselves to go to school,” many girls believe that students will challenge the policy.  “The rule should have been enforced before now if people are going to take it seriously,” junior Mattie Daub said.

Laura Slade, Arts and Entertainment Editor

September 27, 2013

Changes to the Upper School Handbook have left female students struggling to adapt their outfits to new dress code regulations. Sophomore Cait Gibbons is more concerned with how she will be able to express herself as the dress code gets stricter. “These rules are making people dress more similar,”...

Conflicting dress codes raise hackles

Hannah Johnson, Sports Editor

January 15, 2013

Leggings and yoga pants made headlines recently when Minnetonka High School administration sent an e-mail to parents asking that students "cover their butts up."  The e-mail and its subsequent press attention brought forth a discussion of SPA’s own dress code regarding form-hugging clothing. In the ...