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Minnesota chefs give food away in makeshift market

Following social distancing guidelines, only ten shoppers were allowed in the free market at once.

Nikolas Liepins, Contributor

March 19, 2020

The free market will open again at noon on Friday, Mar. 20, at PUBLIC kitchen + bar (229 6th St E, St Paul, MN 55101).

Chick-Fil-A stops donating to anti-LGBTQ organizations

Now, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Salvation Army, and the Paul Anderson Youth Home will not be receiving any donations. Instead, Chick-fil-A will donate $9 million to the Junior Achievement USA, the Covenant House International, and several local food banks.

Lara Cayci, RubicOnline

December 11, 2019

The Chick-fil-A foundation announced plans to stop making donations to several Christian groups that hold biblical views about the definition of marriage.

Community Action and Service collects shirts for Haiti

Community Actions and Service met Oct. 24 to count and fold the shirts.

Anna Nowakowski, Staff Writer

October 24, 2019

Community Action and Service's first event of the year was a t-shirt drive to help children in Haiti.

End of a tradition: Julian Duffy reflects on service in Nicaragua

End of a tradition: Julian Duffy reflects on service in Nicaragua

Clara Garner, RubicOnline

October 15, 2019

Sophomore Julian Duffy talks about his experience of giving in Nicaragua.