The Rubicon

What’s in that backpack?

Sophomore Annika Rock carries 19 pounds in her backpack. She carries her laptop, textbooks, and multiple folders for different classes. Rock thinks that new lockers should be put into the recently renovated Thompson wing, as lockers were there prior to the revamp of the wing.
May 24, 2019
Backpacks litter the halls and lockers go unused. Students carry upwards of 20 pounds on their backs from class to class.

[PHOTO STORY] Sound sculptures showcased and critiqued

This sound sculpture entitled, “Baboon Fountain”, was created by Eleanor Smith, Sevy Hayes, Sam Zelazo, and Harry Mahmic. “We layered bamboo so [water] would fall on to different objects and those objects would make different sounds”Sevy Hayes said.
May 23, 2019
Ninth Grade Physics's annual Sound Sculpture Showcase was held on May 23.

[FILTERED] Students share their favorite childhood memory

Students used the
May 23, 2019
Students used the "Baby" filter on Snapchat to answer the question: "What is your favorite childhood memory?"
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