The Rubicon

Chicago cast announced

Chicago cast announced

Arts in Brief

February 22, 2020

This will be the 20th musical featuring the collaboration of US Theater Director Eric Severson and Choir Director Anne Klus.

Students showcase personal creativity at winter dance

Upon entering the venue, a red carpet was set up for students as the publications editors from Ibid, Alessandra Costalonga and Mimi Longe, took paparazzi photos for them.

Elle Chen, RubicOnline

February 9, 2020

Red carpets, it’s all about fashion, fame, glitz, and glam. This year’s SPA red carpet themed winter dance was no exception. Check out some amazing looks from the dance.

[DANCE MOVES] Rubicon Tik Tok takes off

Annika Rock, RubicOnline

January 24, 2020

Students continue to dance to popular songs on the app and enjoy the Rubicon TikToks the staff produces.

[DANCE MOVES] TikTok continues to thrive

Annika Rock, RubicOnline

November 5, 2019

Students around the school continue to dance to songs on the ever so popular app TikTok.

Senior Cynthia Zheng’s dedication to dancing remains strong

Senior Cynthia Zheng participates in dance both in and out of school.

Ava Gallagher, Chief Visual Editor

April 29, 2014

Dancing—in almost every style and form—has been a part of senior Cynthia Zheng’s life for nearly seven years now. Zheng has focused her talents mostly on Chinese dance, which she participates in outside of school in addition to her role on the dance team. “Dancing has become ingrained in my life....