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Once in a lifetime: Schubert journeys to the Philippines

Here is one of the areas in which Schubert and her medical team worked at in the Philippines.

Melissa Nie, Director of RubicOnline

February 26, 2020

Junior Mia Schubert spent the first part of February helping people in the Philippines with medical aid.

German exchange student looks back on visit to Minnesota

The German Exchange students took photos during every leg of their journey. This one was taken at the Minnesota State Capitol.

Josefine Harms, Guest Writer

October 30, 2019

German Exchange student Josefine Harms expresses her fellow classmates experience with American culture.

[BEHIND THE SCENES] Girls Volleyball’s culture fuels success

The Girls Varsity Volleyball team huddles before the start of the game.

Zekiah Juliusson, RubicOnline

September 18, 2019

The culture of the Girls Varsity Volleyball team has helped them start off strong in their conference games.

Reading across continents

Sophomore Savita Asvathi-Yopp recommends books that expand one's cultural perspectives.

Melissa Nie, The Rubicon Editor

March 9, 2018

Two students offer book recommendations that have expanded their worldview and cultural understanding.

Truman reflects on biggest takeaways from year in Spain

Senior Emma Truman poses up above the clouds while studying abroad in Spain during her junior year. “Before I went, I thought either Spanish culture would be better or American culture would be better but after travelling and going abroad I felt like they can coexist and be good for different kinds of people in their cultures,

Kat St. Martin-Norburg, The Rubicon Print Editor

March 7, 2018

Senior Emma Truman reflects on differences between American and Spanish culture, from daily routines to cultural values.

Seek meaningful volunteer opportunities, don’t fall victim to voluntourism

Before taking a plane trip to a developing country, know whether you are a voluntourist or volunteer

Andrew Johnson, The Rubicon Editor

March 7, 2018

Before volunteering abroad, reflect on and understand whether you are contributing to voluntourism.

IC posters demote cultural appropriation in Halloween costumes

IC posters demote cultural appropriation in Halloween costumes

Noah Raaum, Videographer

October 31, 2017

Dress up as a cat, a witch, a donut, or a skeleton — not a culture.

What you wear: Elsaesser reflects on the culture surrounding basketball shoes

What you wear: Elsaesser reflects on the culture surrounding basketball shoes

Stephanie Li, The Rubicon Editor

October 27, 2016

This is part 3 of a three-part story on athletes and their footwear.

Asking the messy question is essential

It may seem difficult to avoid sounding ignorant or prejudiced, but try asking open-ended questions. Ask someone what their ethnicity is. Then ask them about their culture or sexuality. Ask someone what their religion is. Ask about their family. Ask them about their experiences. But most of all, ask them about what has made them the person they are today.

The Rubicon Staff

January 1, 2015

In the pursuit of awareness and acceptance, students have lost sight of the people who are right in front of them: their peers. By accepting those who are different, students have only scratched the surface regarding differences in their own community.