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Science proves that typing notes is killing your grade

9th grader Alex Moore looks reading notes for French class.

Elizabeth Trevathan, RubicOnline Editor

May 10, 2019

Classes often begin with students opening their laptop, but typing notes aren’t as beneficial as the students think they are. In fact, typing notes makes preparing for tests much tougher than it should be. Scientific studies and surveys prove that there is a magical thing about writing notes down ...

Speaking in code: Equality in Tech club promotes inclusivity

Senior Adelia Bergner leafs through flyers for an upcoming women in tech event that she will share with club attendees. She started the group along with Nitya Thakkar:

Maren Ostrem, The Rubicon Editor

October 15, 2018

Seniors Adelia Bergner and Nitya Thakkar developed the STEM club after attending Hour of Code.

Bance talks tech

Computer Science classes are becoming more popular and easier to find both at SPA and other schools.

Ellie Findell, Production Manager

March 19, 2018

9th grader Miranda Bance discusses her introduction to the computer science field, and her interest in tech.

Cohen founds tech company to assist the elderly

TeKnowledge helps people, primarily elders, learn how to use new technology. Senior Ezra Cohen founded the company to

Peter Blanchfield, RubicOnline Editor

January 16, 2018

Senior Ezra Cohen started his tech company, TeKnowledge, to help people learn about modern technology, and has developed independence and social savvy through his work.

Lenovo Yogas jump start freshman class

Caption: Freshmen Ben Konstan, Tucker Waltenbaugh, Larry Chen, and Adnan Askari spend their tutorial finishing up work on their new Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga laptops. “The keyboard gets sucked in and the buttons don’t work anymore so when you swivel you aren’t accidentally typing,” Chen explains, citing the new computer’s most distinctive feature.

Noor Qureishy, Student Life editor

September 18, 2014

Whether at school or at home, technology plays a prominent role in every student’s school day. Short battery life, bulkiness, and long start up wait times all are problems students deal with every day at St. Paul Academy and Summit School. However, some have it easier than others--the new Lenovo Thinkpad...

Classroom computer use creates opportunity for distractions

 Though computers can help students take notes and turn in assignments, they also unleash access to social media and games.

Patrick Commers, Staff Writer

March 26, 2014

Technology is a part of everyday life and most students in the millennial generation don’t remember a time without cell phones or the Internet. Most of us have smart phones and smart TVs. We get our news from Twitter and we communicate by text. Times have changed. Paper is now a touchable screen. A...