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Following social distancing guidelines, only ten shoppers were allowed in the free market at once.

Minnesota chefs give food away in makeshift market

Nikolas Liepins, Contributor March 19, 2020
The free market will open again at noon on Friday, Mar. 20, at PUBLIC kitchen + bar (229 6th St E, St Paul, MN 55101).
Pah Nah chopping vegetables for the stirfry

Na cooks up a storm of Pah-d Thai for friends and family

Zekiah Juliusson, RubicOnline January 16, 2020
Cooking is a valuable life skill but not many people teenagers know how to cook well. Sophomore Pah Na has discovered his skill for cooking through experimenting and now loves to share his gift with others. 
Boese shows Romanesco, an ingredient that he looks forward to sharing with the SPA Community in an upcoming meal.

Boese shares his hopes for lunches in the future

Nikolas Liepins, Contributor October 9, 2019
The new executive chef, Steve Boese shares his experiences with cooking and his hope for the SPA lunches.
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