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Students have high praise for Wednesdays because it has allowed them to catch up on missing assignments, meet with teachers for extra help, and prepare for the rest of the week. (not to mention catching up on some extra sleep).

Return to normal? Let’s be more (FLEX)ible.

Lucy Murray, Staff Writer May 5, 2021
Students seem to be leaning towards leaving the Wednesday schedule how it is; however Head of School Bryn Roberts is eager to get things back to normal. While normalcy can be nice, change is important in accommodating to the student’s needs.
SPA promises shape the hearts and minds of its students so that they change the world. How realistic is this message?

SPA’s Mission Statement

Gavin Kimmel, Contributor May 3, 2021
I feel lied to by this school. Have my heart and my mind truly been shaped in a way that can change the world?
Minnesota currently faces a surge of COVID-19 cases head-on. The surge is one of many reasons why the school won't be reducing COVID-19 restrictions soon.

Increased vaccinations will not transform policies

Elizabeth Trevathan, Director of RubicOnline April 18, 2021
Many students are getting the COVID-19 vaccine, however, the increased vaccinations aren't going to change the school's COVID-19 rules.
Head of School Bryn Roberts sits in his office. “What’s very different from today was that it was one size fits all,” he said about his high school experience.

Head of School Bryn Roberts announces retirement after 2021-2022 school year

Elle Chen, Production Manager April 5, 2021
In an email this afternoon, the SPA Board of Trustees announced that Head of School Bryn Roberts will be retiring at the end of the 2021-2022 school year.
Theresa Collins named US Principal

Theresa Collins named US Principal

News in Brief February 25, 2021
Collins comes to SPA with a background in English, Progressive Education, and Educational Leadership.
Roberts announces 4-day week will begin Feb. 22

Roberts announces 4-day week will begin Feb. 22

News in Brief February 8, 2021
The new plans depend on the school's ability to sustain a low-risk environment on campus through the winter and spring.
Head of School Bryn Roberts sent out an email Nov. 6 announcing the departure of longtime former Dean of Students and current US principal Max Delgado.

Delgado announces spring departure

Lucy Benson, Editor-in-Chief November 19, 2020
The US principal has accepted the principal position at Colorado Academy.
Randolph campus will move to distance learning Nov. 16

Randolph campus will move to distance learning Nov. 16

Mimi Huelster, RubicOnline November 4, 2020

On Nov. 3, Head of School Bryn Roberts released a statement to SPA students and families declaring that all Middle and Upper School classes will return to full-time distance learning on the 16th. Using...

One way hallways, separated desks, sanitizing wipes, plexi glass, and masks are the new normal for students.

Anderson talks pandemic school safety

Elizabeth Trevathan, Director of RubicOnline October 29, 2020
Paul Anderson is an occupational and preventive medicine physician at Health Partners and medical director to several companies in the Twin Cities.
The school needs to focus now on not only helping students (especially white students) handle race, but also making SPA is a school that can be safe for students and community members of color. This can only be achieved by bringing more diversity into the school community and making sure that SPA changes in order to keep that diversity.

Long overdue diversity policies need more support

Lucia Granja, RubicOnline October 16, 2020
The school needs to focus not only helping students handle race, but also making it safe for community members of color to be themselves.

[60 SECOND NEWS] New SPA travel guidelines, Wolfpack quarterback Johnson injured and out for the season, and more

Bobby Verhey, RubicOnline October 11, 2020
Senior Bobby Verhey gives an update on this week's current events.
Instead of a Spring Concert, the SPA Orchestra recorded a virtual performance of Nessun Dorma. This photo was taken at the 2019 Pops Concert.

The show must go on: virtual orchestra performance brings home the music

Elle Chen, Production Manager May 14, 2020
In light of the cancellation of their 2020 Spring Concert, Orchestra Director Almut Engelhardt came up with a high-risk high-reward plan: virtual recording.
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