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Senior Erin Magnuson cradles the ball during an away game. “I got into both [sports] because my parents played. My mom played lacrosse and suggested [that I] try it, and my dad played hockey, so both my sister and I tried it [too]. I love the intensity of sports and the feeling of accomplishment when I do something well or reach a goal I have set for myself, which is why I really enjoy playing,” Magnuson said.

Senior Erin Magnuson named 2021 Athena award winner

Ali Browne, RubicOnline May 17, 2021
“Sports have made me competitive and driven and have definitely shaped my personality and who I am today,” Magnuson said.
Senior Kathleen Bishop's exemplary actions have allowed her to become a 2020 Athena Awards winner.

Bishop is a Spartan, a Tiger and now an Athena

Elle Chen, RubicOnline April 22, 2020
Senior Kathleen Bishop shares her thoughts on receiving the 2020 Athena Award.
Senior Sonya Das prepares to hit the ball.

Senior Sonya Das named school’s Athena Award winner

Clare Tipler, Staff Writer March 10, 2014

Athena, the Greek goddess of skill, power, strength, and dignity is not only a mythological character, but she also walks among us. Well, sort of. Senior tennis captain Sonya Das was named the 2013-2014...

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