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Seniors say goodbye to high school at a distance

A photo from Meitz's senior project documenting COVID-19.

Evelyn Lillemoe, Chief Visual Editor

May 26, 2020

As the year comes to the end Seniors are finding new ways to say goodbye to their friends and experience end of the year customs.

Seniors reflect on graduating amid COVID-19

Seniors Will Rathmanner and Andy Ellis sit in class back in the fall of 2019. “I have mixed feelings about the school’s response, but overall, it’s just a bummer that COVID-19 has taken over our lives,

Melissa Nie, Director of RubicOnline

April 17, 2020

For the class of 2020, Friday, Mar. 13 could have been their last day of high school.

U.S. will officially withdraw from Paris Climate Agreement

Elizabeth Trevathan, RubicOnline

November 13, 2019

President Trump officially began the year-long process of removing the United States from the agreement on Nov. 4.

PHOTO GALLERY: Students share tips for stressful relaxing exam season

PHOTO GALLERY: Students share tips for <strike>stressful</strike> <i>relaxing</i> exam season

Mimi Geller, Director of RubicOnline

December 7, 2017

As semester exams approach, students reflect on what forms of self-care keep them from getting too stressed.

Batson’s passion for equestrian riding takes her to national horse shows

Ninth grader Amelia Batson competes in an over fences round at a horse show in Kentucky.

Stephanie Li, Photo Story Editor

November 29, 2016

9th grader Amelia Batson fell in love with horseback riding ever since she was two years old.