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Sophomore Riley Erben said, “My favorite songs from the playlist are Headband by B.o.B and 2Chainz, Going Bad by Meek Mill and Drake, and Power by Kanye, because they all get me really hyped up.”

[SPORTS SPOTIFY] Girls varsity volleyball ‘sets’ up exciting season

Tommy Verhey, RubicOnline November 2, 2020
The girls varsity volleyball team created a Spotify playlist at the start of the season to hype-up the team during warm-ups.
Bright, colorful neon lights fill the entire restaurant as Emily Hunt Turner, founder of All Square, shared stories with us. “One of the things that I think is just so important is getting the narratives of our fellows and the beauty and the dimension of who they are into the universe,” Hunt Turner said. She told us about the fellows and their significance in how All Square has grown.

Neon lights and civil rights: All Square offers food with purpose

Mia Hofmann, Staff Writer March 7, 2020
All Square is a nonprofit organization that seeks to integrated the formerly incarcerated into a meaningful profession.
The storefront of All Square on Hiawatha Avenue where Mia Hofmann spent for summer is warm and inviting.

[COMMUNITY SERVICE SPOTLIGHT] Hofmann squares up to service

Lucia Granja, RubicOnline November 14, 2019
Sophomore Mia Hofmann volunteers at a non-profit grilled cheese shop to help the formerly incarcerated reenter society.
The kitchen, bathed in the pink glow of the fluorescent lights.

All Square promotes forgiveness while serving up grilled cheese

Kelby Wittenberg, RubicOnline Editor December 13, 2018
All Square serves exceptional grilled cheese cooked up by former convicts, in an attempt to give people with criminal history a second chance.
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