Tadavarthy wins Germany trip, eager for cultural exposure


Annie Bottern

Junior Naya Tadavarthy is looking forward to traveling to Berlin with other participants at the end of the trip.

Annie Bottern, RubicOnline Editor

For some, the opportunity to travel across the world only comes once a lifetime, and junior Naya Tadavarthy’s time has come. This past spring, Tadavarthy scored in the 90th percentile while taking the National German Exam and qualified for a trip to Germany. The National German Exam gave the exam to more than 26,000 students from around the United States. Tadavarthy embarks on a month long trip this June and is hoping to improve her German while she is there.

“I usually only speak German during class or with my [German-speaking] grandfather when I visit him, so I’m really looking forward to improving my German speaking skills and learning more about the culture,” Tadavarthy said. 

The trip to Germany came as a surprise for Tadavarthy.

I’m really looking forward to improving my German speaking skills and learning more about the culture.”

— Naya Tadavarthy

“I took a couple of practice tests in class before the real exam, but other than those I didn’t prepare that much. It was more about going in and seeing how well I did rather than studying a lot and stressing out,” Tadavarthy said.

Once Tadavarthy took the exam and found out that she had scored high enough to qualify for the trip, her next step was filling out an application and taking part in an interview. The interview was conducted by German teachers and professors from the University of Minnesota who wanted to know more about Tadavarthy and her interest in the German language. Similar interviews were conducted nationwide and professors nominated students for the trip. Tadavarthy was chosen as one of Minnesota’s nominees.

While in Germany, Tadavarthy will be staying with a host family and attending classes at a German high school. The last week of the trip, which is mid July, Tadavarthy and the other participants will travel to Berlin.