Summer exercise provides beneficial activity to daily schedule


Hazel Waltenbaugh

Bikes and scooters are back for on the spot rental, making summer exercise in the Twin Cities even easier.

Summer break can be a good way for many students to relax, leaving school work, often sports, and other responsibilities on pause. Unwinding can be very beneficial, but leaving room for some time to exercise throughout the summer may be important as well.

With less structure and more free time, it can be easy to push exercise to the side, but there are many easy ways to incorporate movement into daily activities. This could mean biking or walking instead of getting in the car, swimming with friends, or even cleaning around the house.
Other ways to integrate movement throughout the summer: schedule training sessions, programs, or camps to help keep you on track. Last year the New York Times published The Well Summer Workout Challenge, listing weekly workouts with multiple options, including text message reminders, to help maintain motivation and consistency. Training programs or schedules such as Halhigdon’s marathon program can help athletes build up stamina throughout the summer in order to come back prepared for the fall season. Signing up for classes can also be a great way to find motivation. Spin classes, yoga, or even dance lessons can be fun ways to stay active.

Summer break should be a time to relax and refresh, but it can also be a time to focus on improving or maintaining fitness. Consistency is crucial when it comes to success, however, breaks are still very necessary. Movement should be practiced regularly, but remember that perfection is unreasonable, and time off can still be very beneficial to overall health.