Students spread out to see movies and support others on Service Day


Katie Braman (illustration)

Students traveled to a variety of locations for Service Day on Mar. 7.

The day’s offerings ranged from discussing media’s portrayal of women to packaging food for those living countries away. The hybrid of Martin Luther King, Jr. activities and Service Day on Mar. 7 provided a sampler of lessons outside the typical classroom.

“I enjoyed the opportunity to go help the community and help the less fortunate,” freshman Spencer Evert, who spent part of the day at Feed My Starving Children, said.

The day was a combined effort of Intercultural Club and Community Action, with Gay-Straight Alliance helping moderate discussions. Cold weather had postponed the movies that replaced the Martin Luther King, Jr. assembly, and Service Day planning had begun back in the beginning of the year.

The Upper School Parent Association provided food in the morning. “Usually we only have breakfast [offered in the dining hall] during exam week but [on Service Day] it was like, ‘surprise, here’s some bagels,'” senior Sharon Sethna said. “It was delicious.”

Sophomores used the day to continue their sophomore retreat. “I really enjoyed working with my friends to help [Second Harvest Heartland] by sorting tortillas and packaging cornflakes,” sophomore Christine Lam said.

“[Service Day] allowed me to talk to people who I wouldn’t usually talk to because they were in my group during my service,” freshman Heba Sandozi said. Her activity was at The Keystone Community Center. “We drew cards and we decorated the Meals on Wheels bags.”

Freshman Raffi Toghramadjian went to the Community School of Excellence. “My favorite part about Service Day was getting to work with kids and help them learn,” he said.

Junior Jack Labovitz did his service at The Sanneh Foundation. Initially students had intended to help organize Gala 4 Goals, but they ended up writing letters of encouragement to schools that participated in The Sanneh Foundation’s after school soccer program. “I thought it was a great chance to help encourage kids to keep working, playing soccer, and doing what they love,” Labovitz said. “I was also able to reflect on my own experiences with sports and academics.”

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