Students re-energize in Huss Center

Between sports or play practices, the need to spend time with family and friends, and hours of homework, many students at St. Paul Academy and Summit School have minimal time for quality sleep and can be left feeling drowsy during class.

The average teenager needs around nine hours of sleep each night, but a majority of teenagers are only getting seven hours. Naps are a great way for teenagers to get short bursts of energy throughout the day, as long as it does not exceed more than 30 minutes. By going over the recommended time, a person can wake up feeling more tired than before their nap, creating a cycle of fatigue.

A popular napping spot for many students are the couches in the Huss Center for Performing Arts.

Senior Kieran Singh takes naps at school when his schedule begins to get hectic throughout the week.

“I usually take naps when my week is unusually busy. Some weeks I have more homework than other times, so it really helps me to recharge in the middle of the day,” Singh said.

Junior Thomas Bagnoli makes his way to the Huss Center couches during the hockey season.

“I take a lot of naps in the wintertime because I either have late night hockey games that I’m tired from, or I have a game that day and I need to catch up on my sleep before the game,” Bagnoli said.

Bagnoli tries to sleep whenever he can during the day, and does not mind the noise that may come from his classmates.

If Tutorial is the only time I can sleep, then it doesn’t matter if they’re bugging me.”

— Thomas Bagnoli

“People can be really loud while I’m trying to sleep, but if Tutorial is the only time I can sleep, then it doesn’t matter if they’re bugging me,” Bagnoli said.

Senior Kenzie Giese takes her naps earlier in the day than most students because she lives so far away from school. “I usually get to school an hour before it starts so I sometimes take naps early in the morning if I don’t have too much homework. I mix it up a lot, so I can sleep anywhere from the Huss couches or the lunch room if I’m alone,” Giese said.

Senior Imran Umer stays in the Huss Center for his naps, but frequently changes the location of where he sleeps in Huss.

“Since it’s so cold right now, I like to sleep on the heated benches across from the couches.It’s not that comfortable but it’s really warm so I like that,” Umer said.