Students cast ballots for class representatives

One wooden box held the key to a position on one of St.Paul Academy and Summit School’s elected student groups: Upper School Council, Student Activities Committee and Discipline Committee. Students from grades 9-11 dropped their votes in the ballot box today, after hearing speeches by each candidate.

Freshman Lexi Hilton, who ran for USC representative, said that the speech was the most nerve-wracking part of her campaign. “It was more scary then I was expecting it to be,” Hilton said. “I was not nervous but I was shaking.”

Hilton would “want to bring leadership skills and dedication” to USC. She also hopes to be elected class representative to work with her older sister, junior Katrina Hilton, who is the USC Treasury. “I would be nice to be with her more during her senior year,” Hilton said.

Junior Ben Morris decided to run for Discipline Committee because of past experiences with the Committee. “After I went up in front of the DC, I felt like I was not accurately represented,” Morris said. With only three people running for a position on the Committee, Morris will automatically be an alternate member if he doesn’t win a position as representative.

The third selected student group, Student Activities Committee, saw a surge in class representative candidates across every grade level this year. With six juniors running for only four positions on SAC, the competition was tough. Junior Jonte Claiborne, one of the candidates running for class representative, appreciates the experience of giving a speech in front of her class. “I think regardless of whether or not I get the position, it was a good experience because I am going to want to do stuff like this later in life,” Claiborne said.

All results for each student group were announced at the end of the day on May 6.