Student leadership helps the dance team stay in step


Submitted Photo: Annika Findlay

DANCE LINE. With student leaders, the teammates hope that the closeness developed last year will get stronger: “I really want it to be an open environment,” captain Ellie Hoppe said.

As competition season draws near, the dance team is busy stretching, learning their new routines, and bonding.

For manager Annika Findlay, the new season means a new position on the team. After two years of performing, she is managing the team for the upcoming season.

“[Being the manager is] kind of like just helping out our coach. At the meets I’m going to help her do people’s hair and makeup and I helped her kind of make a final decision on which song they’re going to do for jazz and I’ve done a little bit of work with Ellie and coach on choreographing,” Findlay said.

Her teammate and captain Ellie Hoppe strives to continue to encourage this welcoming atmosphere during her time as a captain.

“I really want it to be an open environment where anyone can talk to anyone and people can feel comfortable asking for help and they feel comfortable sharing things,” Hoppe said.

[In Print] This story is reprinted from The Rubicon print edition: Nov 21, 2017