Stop canceling after-school activities for snow


Driving to school with bad roads can cause after-school activities to be canceled.

This winter has been record-breaking. On days where the dangerous mixture of snow, ice, and cold temperatures have been especially bad which prompts the administration to be faced with the decision of whether or not to cancel school. When school isn’t canceled but conditions aren’t ideal, the choice to cancel after-school activities has been chosen which hurts students who partake in after-school activities.

The administration has canceled athletic and play practices four times this year. School is held on these days because road conditions, though poor, aren’t bad enough for a snow day or cold day to be called. For athletes, practice is an essential element of preparing mentally and physically for any upcoming event. By losing practice time students are missing out on a few crucial hours that are needed to achieve success in whatever area they are pursuing.

For athletes, practice is an essential element of preparing mentally and physically for any upcoming event”

Another reason why these cancellations should be stopped is that students are already at school. By not canceling school students are already subject to these harsh winter distractions, once students arrive at school they will be there until they leave. If activities are held at the Randolph Campus why are they canceled if students are already on campus.

As we all know, Minnesota winters are rivaled by none. The knee-high piles of snow, below zero temperatures and eight-foot icicles, can make it feel like there is no escape at times. For some, the only thing that can work as a remedy for these things is stepping into the gym, onto the stage or on the slopes and when this gets taken away it can make a bad situation worse. In the future the administration should stop canceling practices if school is held, if road conditions are too bad then the administration should cancel school.