Record crowds at MN State Fair offer summer fun on a stick

Whether with friends or family, students joined the crowds at “The Great MN Get-Together”

Dianne Caravela, Feature Editor

The Minnesota State Fair is often named “The Great Minnesota Get-Together” and attendance is almost expected of many Minnesotans. It is often hard to go a day at the fair without running into a familiar face. This past year, the attendance for the twelve day fair totaled 1,779,738, and many St. Paul Academy and Summit School students were among the massive crowds.

One of the biggest attractions at the fair is the food. Some SPA students, such as sophomore J.J. Wertkin stick to classic fair food.

“My favorite food there is either the corn dogs or mini donuts,” Wertkin said.

Sophomore Ezra Cohen tried many staples of the State Fair, sampling friend pickles, cheese curds, and french fries.

“My favorite was the deep fried Three Musketeers bar,” Cohen said.

Sophomore Dina Moradian also tried lots of foods, her favorite being a pickle on a stick.

“I always get the same foods because those are the foods I look forward to getting,” Moradian said.

But it’s not all about the food. For sophomore Val Hart, the animals are what draw her to the fair.

“My favorite part of the fair is the cows by far. I took so many pictures with them,” Hart said.

Although Hart’s first time at the State Fair was just last year, but she has gone back four times since. She also enjoys running into people she hasn’t seen in years at the fair.

Since going to the fair every year is a tradition for many students, some have memorable stories from past years:

“Once we went in the haunted house and my sister looked so scared the monsters started telling her “it’s OK,” Senior Navodhya Samarakoon said.