Spartan Football team ready for a turnaround season

Heading into this season, it’s safe to say no one was quick to put their faith in football team. However, the Spartans emerged victorious from their first game of the season against Spectrum High School. Perhaps this year attitudes towards the team need to be rethought. Junior middle linebacker, wide receiver and backup quarterback Ben Pettee encourages students to give the team another look, and another chance. “Over the past few years the general attitude towards the football team has been pretty negative,” Pettee said. Pettee hopes to see more encouragement from fans throughout the season to help the team to victory. “No one really believed in us, and people would constantly be making negative comments towards our team… People don’t realize how much those negative comments can affect the mentality of the players.” he said.

Senior captain and  offensive lineman  Sam Carlson also hopes to see more of a turn out in the stands this season. “Students of SPA: come to our games and a cheer loudly and proudly! We love big crowds and we love them more when we can hear them,” Carlson said. “from fifth grade football to varsity football, we’re trying to change the attitude when they think football…we call it a new era,” he said. Carlson has high hopes for this season: “Our biggest goal this year is to win games and change the culture that many people associate with the Spartan football team,” Carlson said.

As for the additions to the team, players regard them as being solely a positive change. “The addition of the new players have been strictly beneficial to our team…the new kids fit in to our team chemistry really well.” Pettee said.

Carlson also thinks quite fondly of the additions: “Gaining two other schools has been a blessing. Each school is able to collect a good group of guys who are willing to come out and play and work to become better football players every single day” Carlson said.

When it comes to off-the-field chemistry, captains and players alike enjoy the closeness of the team. “Off the field we are extremely close, and have great camaraderie with each other. We even go so far as to refer to each other as family or brothers occasionally,” Pettee said.

As for last year, the team looks back on it fondly, but hopes to follow through with their hopes of a better record that truly displays their capabilities.  On the whole, the hardworking football team’s biggest request is the support of SPA students. This year, it is different. This year, SPA football will be something to be proud of.  Junior linebacker Louie Bogolub is excited to see what the team has in store. “We have high expectations for the season, especially relative to what happened previously [last season],” Bogolub said.