Sophomore Ellie Brass picks music for deep listening


Paul Watkins

Sophomore Ellie Brass listens to music through headphones. “They [the songs] speak to me on a deep level,” she said.

Paul Watkins, Science & Technology Editor

“[This playlist is] definitely not mainstream. Some of the songs I listen to are kind of mainstream, but I listened them before they were cool. I found Take Me to Church in like September and it got mainstream in December. They’re deep,” sophomore Ellie Brass said.

1. Walk the Moon – Anna Sun

“It’s just so catchy. In a few years it’ll be relatable. And his voice… his voice…”

 2. The 1975 – Robbers

“It’s one of their slower songs. Their slower songs are a bit better. It’s deeper. They’re just so emotional and I almost never hear guys that are emotional in their music. And then there’s a line that goes “everyone’s dead”. And it’s just so emotional.”

3. Atlas Genius – If So

“Most of what I listen to is partly what I get at first. And then I start really listening to it and I listen to the lyrics and I’m like “Oh these are really good lyrics.” This is one of those songs.”

 4. twenty one pilots – Cat Radio

“It speaks to me on a deep level.”

 5. The New Politics – Dignity

“It’s got some good lyrics. It’s a lot deeper.”

6.  Awolnation – Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)

“This is just a legit song. I discovered it really recently. It’s so quotable. You always need a yelling break.”

 7. The 1975 – Girls

“This song is about fangirls. I like The 1975 generally because his voice is amazing and it’s more unique than other songs.”

8. Glass Animals – Gooey

“I just love the word gooey. The lyrics are just… you just want to know those peanut butter vibes.”

9. Black Veil Brides – In The End

“I should probably put something by the Black Veil Brides in here. Andy Biersack’s voice though. Andy Biersack in general though.”

 10. Nirvana – All Apologies

“This song speaks to me on a deep level.”


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