[SMALL BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT] Hot Hands Pie & Biscuits warms up the winter with tasty treats


Alexandra Cardwell

This is one of the many pie that is sold at Hot Hands Pie & Biscuit.

Alexandra Cardwell, RubicOnline

The name says it all; Hot Hands Pie & Biscuit, located on Snelling Avenue, sells delicious pies, biscuit-sandwiches, pastries, coffees, and more.

The name of the business, Hot Hands Pie & Biscuits, was inspired by the owner, Tara Coleman’s, ability to handle incredibly hot pans due to her years of experience in the restaurant and cooking industry.

“At the moment, our best selling menu item is our chicken pot pie,” said an employee of Hot Hands, “we sell a lot of it during the fall and winter, but not so much in the summer.” There’s nothing better than a hot chicken pot pie to eat after a record-breaking snowfall of several inches in mid-October.

Due to its location near several universities and high schools, “we see a lot of students that either go, or used to go to Macalester,” said the employee, “a lot of people will stop in from there.”

Not only is Hot Hands practically across the street from Macalester, but it is also less than a mile away from SPA. A fall favorite of many, pumpkin pie, will be coming to Hot Hands in just one short week, “we are bringing back our pumpkin pie and our vegan pumpkin pie,” said the employee, “and we’re also coming with more pies that will be out shortly for the winter season.”

Next time you’re thinking of stopping somewhere to grab morning coffee, in the search of a sweet treat, or looking for a savory breakfast sandwich, consider stopping at Hot Hands.