[SMALL BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT] All about the gems, Wosepka starts a pandemic business

Alexandra Cardwell, RubicOnline

Eight-grader Kathleen Wosepka’s jewelry-making began simply out of lock-down boredom back in March of 2020. Not so long after, an Etsy shop was born and sales began.

“I wanted to start making jewelry out of simple quarantine boredom and because it was fun,” said Wosepka.

When Wosepka’s interest in creating jewelry first began, she went to Michael’s and purchased materials. From there, Wosepka tried many different techniques and soon realized what worked and what didn’t “They have an enormous collection of different beads, jewels, and charms. I brought it [jewels] all home and just tried my best to create something with the help of several YouTube videos,” said Wosepka.

Indeed, looking below, many of Wosekka’s creations contain quartz, crystals, and gemstones.

After having experience creating jewelry, Wosepka realized that there were people who wanted to buy what she had made. “I realized that people wanted to start paying me for [jewelry] so I started an Etsy shop. Once I made products that I was happy with I posted them on Etsy,” said Wosepka. So far, the best selling product on Wosepka’s Etsy shop is the rose quartz, wire-wrapped ring. Her Etsy shop can be found @PlanetaryJewelry on Etsy.