Singh scoops ice cream through chilly weather


Lucas Johnson, Sports Editor

With winter on its way, ice cream is a treat less enjoyed by Minnesotans, but not for Senior Dhara Singh who works at ice cream chain, Ben & Jerry’s.

Singh is a scooper for the company and although that may seem a simple task, but people skills are an important task when serving food. Aside from people oriented skills, Singh finds value in the responsibility of working for nationally renowned corporation.

“I learned a lot about responsibility through having a job. Even though it’s just scooping ice cream I can’t just skip when I’m tired or make an excuse – I have to be at my shift on time every time,” she said.

In terms of enjoyment,  “…it’s pretty fun, I get as much free ice cream as I want,” Sing said.

With college right around the corner, honing time management skills can prove to be an important skill set and Singh says that sometimes her job can be stressful in terms of time commitment. While being employed somewhere that challenges her may seem cumbersome and unnecessary during high school, anything that teaches a student applicable life lessons is something worth valuing, not to mention Singh claims the wonderful smell of waffle cones linger on her after a shift.