Seniors showcase art in (don’t) Take it Personally

The 2019 exhibit carries personal messages.


Katya Sjaastad

Annie Lam’s prints depict beautiful birds and natural elements.

As the school year winds down and the seniors leave for their senior projects, the annual Senior Arts Seminar Exhibit goes up in the Harry M. Drake Gallery. Entitled, (don’t) Take it Personally, the exhibit is made up of artwork from eleven of the students from the 2019 graduating class. The exhibit is made up of art from many different mediums, including paintings, photography, pottery, and still life compositions on display. It also uses both artificial light and natural light from the windows to contrast and bring forward certain pieces.

Moving through the open and quiet Drake Gallery, it is easy to see all of the pieces of artwork. It is obvious that each piece has had care and thought put into it and all of the pieces tie back to the title of the exhibition through either bold statements or uniqueness. Many of the pieces are initially minimalistic, such as Elea Besse’s wall of profile photos, and convey meaning through their simplicity and brief descriptions. The pottery was also particularly eye catching, composed of mostly bowls with patterns, vibrant colors, and texture. One memorable piece by Margaret Youngdale had a political message: a pile of colorful strips of paper containing the names of mass shooting victims. The exhibition opened on May 5 and will stay up until June 9.