Senior Maya Edstrom shares photography project after election

Statement from the artist


Edstrom works on her prodject. Photo Credit: Enneking-Norton.

Flannnery Enneking-Norton, Staff Writer

The day after the election was a very difficult and emotional day for me, but I felt this amazing sense of community and support from the women around me. I saw many others going through their own intensely personal and emotional responses to the results and was in awe of their strength and resilience and how they supported others around them. Through their actions and words, I found strength and have hope for the future. The idea for this specific project came to me after Sarah Wheaton’s speech, which I had Art Seminar right after. I felt very inspired to do something about what I was feeling and didn’t quite know what it would be, but knew I would be doing some sort of photo project. Once I get an idea or kind of vision for a photo project, I want to see it actualized in a physical way. I realized that I wanted to have portraits of people… I feel that portraits and personal writing can create a more powerful response than if they were individually presented. In the end, I’m not trying to prove any point with this project, I just wanted to give women a space to share their thoughts and feelings if they wanted to. This project was very much a collaboration between me and all of the people who let me photograph them and I’m so grateful for them being involved! Their voices are what gave power to this project.

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