Seibel-Hunt finds friendship and exercise through hockey


Photo submitted by Beth Seibel-Hunt

Upper School Chemistry teacher Beth Seibel-Hunt (top row, 5 from the right) poses with her Women’s Hockey Association of Minnesota team

Lucas Johnson, Sports Editor

Once adulthood rolls around, finding time for those cherished interests can become more difficult as more responsibilities pile up. But, for Upper School Chemistry teacher Beth Seibel-Hunt, engaging in those activities that bring her joy is something that holds a special place in her heart.

Seibel-Hunt plays hockey as a part of the Women’s Hockey Association of Minnesota for an intermediate level women’s team. Aside from how fun and entertaining athletics can be, Seibel-Hunt says that “everyone does it for the sole purpose of staying in shape.”

But when involved in a team, camaraderie and friendships will obviously take shape.

“The side effect is that we end up meeting after games, or we might meet and run the Turkey Trot together,” Seibel-Hunt says, “and when we’re playing hockey we get totally competitive … it’s super fun.”

For Seibel-Hunt, taking time weekly to take part in an activity that brings her joy and strengthens her social relationship is an invaluable experience.