[Q&A] The Ultimate interview with Gabe Ramirez


Tommy Stolpestad

Gabe Ramirez decided Ultimate Frisbee was his game after playing in a 6th grade mini.

Q: What are your pre game rituals?

A: “I just jam jam out to my pre game playlist and hang out with my teammates.”

Q: What kind of player are you on the field?

A: “Definitely aggressive. I am a physical and sometimes chippy player.”

Q: Where does your competitiveness come from?

A: “I’d have to say it comes from my brother because we competed for everything growing up whether it was sports or random stuff.”

Q: Is there any significance to the number you wear?

A: “I am thirteen in ultimate because I am a big fan of Odell Beckham Jr.”

Q: What is your favorite thing about playing ultimate?

A: “Laying out which is just diving to catch a frisbee. It’s fun because it’s satisfying to run around and catch a frisbee mid air while giving it everything you have.”

Q: What’s your favorite pre game song?

A: “Not Wrong Now” by NBA Youngboy

Q: What’s your favorite pre game meal?

A: “My favorite thing to eat on game day is Jamaican Jerk Chicken.”

Q: Who do you model your game off of?

A: “I’d have to say Brodie Smith. He’s a beast.”

Q: How long have you played ultimate?

A: “I started playing in sixth grade.”

Q: What is your favorite ultimate memory?

A: “Probably the first time I started playing at SPA during middle school activities. That was what got me really interested in the sport.”