Q&A: Sophomore Navodhya Samarakoon discusses her reasons for celebrating Christmas


Nina Zietlow

Sophomore Navodhya Samarakoon draws her version of Christmas. Samarakoon practices Buddhism but celebrates Christmas with her family. “Everyone else does it, it’s a way for us to assimilate into American culture,“ Samarakoon said.

Q: What religion does your family practice?


Q: What exactly does that entail, how do you practice it?

Our philosophy is not become attached to objects and live a healthy, consumerism free, life.

Q: So why then do you choose to celebrate christmas, isn’t that considered a consumerist holiday?

Because Christmas is fun. It’s really hard to avoid consumerism, even though that’s Buddhisms intention. [Christmas] is something everyone else does; it helps us understand what all the excitement is about to celebrate it too.

Q: Why do you think Christmas has become such a popular holiday even among people that aren’t religious? There are lots of holidays where people receive presents, why Chirstmas?

Other people getting you presents is definitely a big part of it. Also, when its snowing and there is no sunlight it’s great to have a holiday to get your mind off of how depressing it is outside.

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