Q&A: Endless Love star Alex Pettyfer talks about Valentine’s and acting

Q: What was the most challenging part of filmmaking?

Pettyfer: “I think the most challenging part at 24 years of age, you always want have respect from your elders and is going back to 18 and having that naïve state of mind… that was the most challenging, just having to let go of all the experiences I’ve had up to this age.”

Hannah: “Your movie is premiering everywhere on Valentine’s Day and I know a lot of people will see it for their big date of the night-”

Pettyfer: “Sure, if you really want, I’ll be your Valentine.”

Q: So what’s the most romantic Valentine’s Day date you’ve had?

Pettyfer: “I’ve never actually had a Valentine’s date [Crowd mumbles shock]. It’s not that sad, don’t make me feel worse than I already do. This year my mom’s coming out so we’re going to go see Endless Love.”

Q: How did your acting career start?

Pettyfer: “My mom and dad were big believers in making me try everything in life. Sports, and racing cars, and to act, and education — which I was terrible at — and then I just got lucky. I was lucky, I got an audition for a TV film called Tom Brown’s Schooldays, and a year later I got offered straightaway this movie called Alex Rider.”

Q: Is it hard to do an American accent?

Pettyfer: “It was [hard to do an American accent], for the longest time. I actually couldn’t get a job. I would go in, and just sound ridiculous… The pressure was on. I had this amazing dialect coach, and I guess she just helped me. It’s kind of like learning how to ride a bike, as soon as you figure it out, it becomes easier.”

Q: Who are some actors that you look up to and/or would like to work with?

Pettyfer: “I love [the director] Steve McQueen. Do you know who he is? He did films like the Great Escape, Papillion… he’s a more manic version of Zac Efron. I love to work with Bruce Greenwood, I’m a huge Bruce Greenwood fan. And then my dad, who’s Robert Patrick.”

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