[PRODUCT REVIEW] Nexus changes perception of hockey sticks

SLING TECH technology is what its called.

Pavel Barber

SLING TECH technology is what its called.

Sports company Bauer has made a mark in the hockey industry with its Bauer Supreme ADV. It has now further impressed hockey fans with the release of the Nexus ADV hockey stick on Jan. 25, redefining the perception of a hockey stick. The stick has received a tremendous amount of attention, not due to the new technology advancements, but due to the large hole present in the blade of the stick.

Bauer categorizes their sticks three different ways: Supreme, Nexus, and Vapor; each defined by the characteristics that fit different hockey player’s various needs. The new Nexus ADV falls into the Nexus category, which focuses on mid-motion shots, making the kick point of the stick very large. What separates this stick from its designated category is the hole on the upper portion of the blade. According to Bauer, the design allows for two new features that help load and release shots. Such as how the stick features contrasting rigid and flexible portions of the blade: rigid material surrounding the top and a flexible bottom work together to produce the upmost acceleration.

Other than the unpopular TOVI stick, no other name brand hockey company, such as CCM, has created a blade with a hole in it, calling a lot of attention towards Bauer’s new stick. Not only has the hole caused a lot of controversies, but the correct way to tape the Nexus ADV stick also has made the internet go wild.  Through various testing, it has been concluded that players should tape it however they want as there is no negative impact revolving around covering the hole on the blade. There is no special or unique way to tape this new stick, it solely remains on the player’s desire. Bauer delivered successfully with the unique features of the stick, as the rigid top, flexible bottom and SlingTech hole in the blade allows for amazing control and pop when the puck comes off the stick ending in a very accelerated shot.

Before the Nexus ADV, no other stick that they have created has utilized the two different properties,”

but similar characteristics are present through their various other sticks. For instance, the ER SPINE TECH, a rounding shaft of the stick, has been displayed throughout sticks such as the Vapor Flylight and the closely related Supreme ADV.

 Bauer has implemented a tremendous amount of new technology within this stick while at the same time reducing the weight of the stick significantly. Weighing at about 365 grams, it is the lightest Nexus stick to be revealed for consumer use and is 5 grams heavier than the lightest stick in the market, Warrior Alpha QRE. Yet, the weight of the stick may be detrimental towards the overall durability of the stick, providing its only physical weakness for this very stick.

Through my thorough research and hourly testing of the Nexus ADV, I have found that the pros outweigh the weaknesses of the stick, as the only observable weakness coincides with a pro of the stick. However, the newly released stick feels as if it is more a ply for financial compensation than it is for the overall improvement of their manufactured sticks. The overall impression that I have experienced with the stick is that the new technological developments are very beneficial towards a player’s performance, as they work together to produce the best results. Therefore, worth the purchase of the product even as there is a steep price.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Cost: The price of this stick ranges from $350-500.

This is determined by the retailer as there is a limited supply of 12 sticks per store.

Can be found through various retailers such as Pure Hockey. Cannot be purchased through Bauer Hockey.