Presence of therapy dog brings excitement to campus

Wellness Day got a little more exciting when news spread that a therapy dog would be on campus. Karen Rassmussen, the Director for the Center for Learning and Teaching, brought her dog Finn in for students to interact with.

“I got the idea at my former school to bring a therapy dog in because I’ve done a lot of testing with students with anxiety or depression and I knew that would be a calming factor,” Rassmussen said.

Finn, a fifteen-month-old Australian Labradoodle, is currently working towards being a certified therapy dog.

“I worked with All Breed Obedience in Woodbury, and the owner there did temperament testing on his litter and said out of the litter of twelve, he would be a great therapy dog. He’s in level three obedience right now in the hopes that he’ll be a registered therapy dog when we’re done with the classes,” Rassmussen said.