PLAY serves as outlet for everyday stress


Maren Ostrem

PLAY members shoot baskets in the gym.

Walk by the Upper School “big gym” during a Thursday X-period, and you will hear balls pounding the ground, students yelling, and sneakers squeaking. While other clubs meet in classrooms, sitting around a Harkness table discussing plans, sharing snacks, and typing on laptops, PLAY is, well, playing.

PLAY was founded in 2014 and has been an outlet for the stress of everyday student life. Senior Will Swanson and co-president of PLAY said, “I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a fun time playing different games in the gym.”

Swanson said, “A typical club period is people coming in and choosing an activity to play, and playing said activity.” This activity can range anywhere from basketball to dodgeball to ping-pong. Any ideas that are brought up could be played — there are essentially no limits.

Anyone is welcome to come in and play.”

— Will Swanson

The club has been around for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t changes to be made. “Some goals this year is to organize more school-wide games and tournaments, similar to the dodgeball tournament during homecoming,” Swanson said.

Organizing more events that extend to the whole school will widen the clubs reach and get more students to take a break from studying and have fun and be active. Students are often under a great deal of pressure with heavy workloads and busy schedules. It can be hard to find time to let go of some stress, have fun, and get some good exercise in. PLAY is the perfect opportunity for this.

“PLAY is open to everyone. Anyone is welcome to come in and play,” Swanson said.