PINE student gallery highlights intention-focused artwork

Clara McKoy, RubicOnline

This winter, SPA’s state-of-the-art gallery houses recent creations from the plethora of fine arts courses in both the Upper and Middle school.

From self-portraits composed of words to complex hanging structures, this exhibit has it all.

Fine Arts Department Head Daryn Lowman explained that in an effort to represent a vast range of students while not overcrowding the gallery, the winter art show displayed all Middle School art students and only Upper School sculpture students. “The space just became kind of overwhelmed and didn’t have a lot of breadth,” Lowman said. “What we really like is being able to space things out a little bit and have a larger variety of some Middle School students and some Upper School students,” he continued.

PINE, or Playful, Intention, Network, Exploration encapsulates the theme of the winter art show. This acronym-style title is a nod to eighth-grade students who are beginning to explore their art elective options in the Upper School, and the network aspect speaks to the collaboration that was involved in producing each work of art present in the gallery. “One of the things that we’ve been working on with a kind of crossover between eighth graders that are looking to choose their electives for their first year of Upper School is that they start to sort of see possibilities and have this kind of playfulness, so that’s kind of an important component,” Lowman said.

Next up in the art gallery, US art teachers Mara Duvra and Stephanie Motta will curate another collaborative display from combined Middle and Upper schoolers, likely in late January. Before then, US sculpture class students will install their lighting structure next Tuesday for their final critique.

The PINE winter art show is located in the art gallery on the first floor of Davern.