[PHOTO STORY] Spartan Boys tie Breck 2-2 on Sept. 6

Spartan Varsity Soccer tied their game on Friday by a hair. Ending the first half down 0-1, the Spartans didn’t lose any of their grit. The energy on the bench was high and rose more when a yellow card was called against a Breck player. Senior Cooper Danielson took a penalty kick, whooshing it to the back of the net. With the 1-1 tie, the game went into overtime. Neither team scored in the first five minutes, but in the second overtime, Breck scored once more. After Breck’s goal and during their team celebration, Danielson stepped up again, sinking SPA’s second goal from the mid-line. The game ended in a tense 2-2 tie. The Spartans play Providence Academy at Providence tonight at 7 p.m.

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